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SWCF2023: Klima – Wasser – Essen. Innovationen für die Ernährung von morgen

7. – 8. September 2023, Willisau LU

Climate - Water - Food.

The SWCF 2023 focused on “Climate – Water – Food. Innovations for the nutrition of tomorrow”. We discussed solutions to water and climate-related food challenges. One of the project ideas was nominated by the audience for the SWCF Award 2023. More details below.

Photo Credit: Philip Myrtorp

Results SWCF2023

SWCF Award 2023 Winners

SWCF Award 2023

Winners 2023: Initiative «Schwammschule»

The “Schwammschule” project won  first place. The project team aims to turn school grounds into learning and living spaces for sustainable development and climate adaptation. For instance, this focuses on measurements to unseal surfaces and promote the retention of rainwater in urban areas. The innovative idea was honored with the SWCF Award and CHF 10,000. The prize money is dedicated as  a start-up funding for the implementation of the initiative and will enable the idea to be piloted in three municipalities.

Further SWCF Initiatives

CO2 Senkenstädtli

Biochar plays an important role concerning climate change mitigation. The “CO2 Senkenstädtli” initiative aims to develop a decentralized value creation system, promoting the use of biochar to increase water retention and climate resilience in small Swiss towns.

Swiss Regio Forum

The Swiss Regio Forum initiative improves the dialog between food production and political actors to promotes a climate-friendly, consumer-oriented agriculture.

Das gewisse Extra

The initiative “das gewisse Extra” was launched by an association of food producers that combines criteria such as regionality, water management, social commitment, biodiversity, landscape and health in order to create a holistic, clearly recognizable brand.

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