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Climate – Water – Food. Innovations for the nutrition of tomorrow

7. - 8. September 2023, Willisau LU

Climate - Water - Food.

The Swiss Water & Climate Forum is a larger-scale project incubation programme to promote climate readiness in Switzerland. The Forum offers a unique and interactive format for the pioneers of a more sustainable society. The SWCF 2023 focus is on “Climate – Water – Food. Innovating the nutrition of tomorrow.” Against this backdrop, participants can contribute their own ideas during the forum, forge new partnerships and develop new, innovative solutions together. The most promising idea receives a start-up grant worth CHF 10,000.

Photo Credit: Philip Myrtorp

Call for Applications

The Forum is designed to help you incubating innovative ideas! Apply now  and get nominated for the SWCF Award worth CHF 10’000. Submission deadline: 11 June 2023.

Who is the SWCF for?

The forum provides a platform for organisations and individuals who want to launch joint initiatives to shape a climate- and water-smart future. In other words, it is aimed at anyone who wants to address the climate crisis and related challenges in a constructive and collaborative manner. In 2023, the thematic focus will be on climate and water-related issues around the food system in Switzerland. If you are professionally or personally involved with these issues, the SWCF offers you a unique opportunity to forge new partnerships, learn about user-centered methods designed for finding solutions, and bring your own and others’ project ideas to life. You’ll see: the chance to win a CHF 10,000 start-up grant is just one of many good reasons to attend the forum.

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What to expect at the SWCF2023

Keynotes & Expert Inputs

Keynotes with unconventional messages enrich the innovation process with insights into recent topics and debates.

Design Sprints

8-10 project teams work during two days to develop and pitch water- and climate-smart solutions.

Networking Apéro

Appetizers and drinks are not to be missed at the SWCF. The aperitif takes place in the middle of the “marketplace”, which offers direct entry points for discussions and networking.

Market Place

Innovators have the opportunity to be the center of attention as a host of a market stand during the aperitif.

SWCF Award

The SWCF Award worth CHF 10,000 goes to the most promising project idea developed during the forum. The prize is to be used as seed capital for the implementation of the project idea.

Who participates?

The SWCF is unique thanks to the unconventional mix of its participants! Here is a selection of participants from 2021::

Private Sector

  • GWF AG
  • Coop Schweiz
  • BHP Brugger und Partner
  • Emmi AG
  • Hydrosolutions GmbH
  • Kompotoi
  • Renggli AG
  • Blue Summit Switzerland
  • Blue Ark

Public Sector & Research Institutions

  • Bundesamt für Landwirtschaft BLW
  • Bundesamt für Umwelt BAFU
  • Amt für Landwirtschaft LAWA (LU)
  • Gemeindeverwaltung Bever (GR)
  • Eawag
  • Agridea
  • Eigd. Forschungsanstalt WSL
  • ETH Zürich
  • Universität Bern
  • FH Ost

Civil Society

  • HEKS
  • ProNatura
  • WWF
  • Alpen-Initiative
  • Ernährungsforum Zürich
  • Blue Community
  • Dachverband Schweizer Jugendparlamente
  • Das blaue Wunder
  • cewas
  • Swiss Water Partnership

Testimonials from SWCF2021

Participants about the SWCF2021:

«A motivating competition, the opportunity to meet partners and the aspiration to tackle a global issue regionally and concretely – those were important contributions!»

«I especially liked that it was easy to meet people during the group work.»

«Very exciting, refreshing mix of people: local, national, regional.»

«It was an innovative format that I have never seen before – and it worked!»

Key partners about the SWCF2023:

Coop Schweiz: «The thematic focus of the Swiss Water & Climate Forum 2023 “Food. Water. Climate.” is particularly close to our aims. We support the Forum and are looking forward to implementable, sustainable results.»

Swiss Re Foundation: «Climate change and water management are important societal challenges. The Swiss Water & Climate Forum offers an ideal platform to discuss and find solutions.»

GWF AG: «The Swiss Water & Climate Forum is an excellent platform for our brand GWF and our competence in water and wastewater management.»

Partners 2023